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Our practitioners specialize in:  Meditation & Reiki Sessions

Reiki Sessions: Hands-on energy healing technique that offers relaxation, stress reduction, and balance. During a Reiki session the practitioner will gently place his/her hands on or over certain parts of the recipient’s body with the intention to transfer any energy-opening any physical or emotional blockage.

Reiki will now be available every Second Thursday of every month with Kylie Grogan.



Next Session on: Thursday, January 9th from 2-2:30pm  


Purchase Your Session HERE!


  • Sessions are limited and only available on specific dates.

  • Sessions are 15 minutes .

  • Requests will be responded to within 24 hours with a confirmation of session.  

  • Kinema has a 24 hour cancellation policy for all holistic sessions.  No refunds, only rescheduling available.

Jenna Bill is a 200-hour certified Hatha yoga instructor who has studied movement for over 12 years.  Over the past two years she has studied meditation and breathwork, finding a fluid integration in all aspects.  She believes in cultivating a union between body and mind by committing to one’s own creative exploration.  Jenna recently received her Holy Fire Reiki Level 2 Certification, bringing a deeper healing and self-awareness into all of her practices.  She develops a space that is mindful and energetic, harmonizing acceptance and intention into all holistic wellness.  She offers yoga, mindful stretching, meditation, breathwork and reiki to both individuals and groups.


Kylie Grogan is a certified Yoga instructor and Reiki Practitioner. She has been with the Kinema for over a year providing holistic services such as: Reiki, Meditation, Sound Healing, Posture Correction, and Private Yoga.

Kylie offers simple yet powerful practices that open an individual to access mindfulness and awareness. Her background in fitness creates a friendly environment for learning and experiencing these unique practices. 

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