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Where is the gym located?

On the first floor at 1299 Zurich Way, Suite: FC Area 1-1117

Who is allowed to join?

All Zurich employees, contractors and tenants.  For now, the gym is not open to family members or friends. 


What are the gym hours?

The gym is open 24/7. 


How do I become a member?

Sign up here electronically or in person during the fitness center hours. You can also access your account through the MINDBODY app.  

For Zurich employees, all monthly billing will take place as a payroll deduction.  For all contractors, Kinema will need to have a credit card on file. 

What is the membership rate?

The membership rate is $25 per month for all Zurich employees.  There is a different rate for contractors and tenants. 

How do I pay?

For all Zurich employees, membership will be deducted through payroll or through credit card.  For everyone else, membership will be charged every month as an autopay through a credit card. 


What is included with my membership?

Access to the fitness center, saunas, locker rooms, and group exercise studios. You can also participate in group fitness classes, wellness programs, competitions and challenges. All existing members and new members will receive a free personal training session and fitness assessment.

What is not included in my membership?

After your first free personal training session, if you choose to purchase a package of sessions these will be charged per session.  For more information on personal training, please speak with our on site staff.  Health coaching sessions, one on one nutrition consultations and physical therapy are charged separately.  

How do I access the gym?

Once you join, Kinema will activate your building badge card to give you access to the gym.  You will also be given a separate Kinema key card that will sync to the MINDBODY system that will allow you to track your usage. 


Do I need to bring my own towel?

No, we have towels available in the locker rooms and fitness center for your use.


Are day use lockers available?

Yes, there will be many day use lockers available.  At the end of the day please take all these items with you. For additional charge, there will also be overnight lockers available.  


What if I lose my key card?

You will need to request another key card at the fitness center front desk.


Can I workout for just the day?

Yes, but you will need them to fill out a waiver and guest request form at the gym front desk. You will be charged $10 per visit.

How do I cancel my membership?

Notify us with at least 10 days until the end of the month that you wish to terminate your membership. Please email:

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